March 8, 2024.

Been a while since we made an announcement here, but this one is a doozy.

We are upgrading our Lone Oak tower to provide Unfiber Generation 2 with speeds up to 1 GBPS, that’s GIGABIT wireless service.

Unheard of, but we are doing it. In addition we have expanded our coverage area to over 1100 square miles of South Texas, ranging from Lavernia, Adkins, St, Hedwig, all the way to Somerset and beyond.

We offer 100mbps+ speeds in 95% of our coverage area! This is an exciting time for wireless internet. Stay tuned!!!

August 24, 2023:

Hot diggity! Our SIXTH Unfiber tower is up and running and supporting new customers with “The Fastest Wireless Internet, Period”!!!

Unfiber Internet is now up on SIX towers and going strong!!!

 We now have 900+ square miles of coverage.

Click the big green button if you want to see if you are covered!

Fiber construction is finished on White Hickory. Now offering up to gigabit speeds on all fiber.

Unfiber version 2.0 is rolling out at our Silver Mountain Location!

Base package is 100mbps download and 20mbps upload.
Standard Unfiber installation is $199.95 and includes up to 10 foot extension above the roof. First months service is FREE!!!

For a limited time, all Unfiber installations will enjoy UNCAPPED speeds. We want you to experience the Fastest Wireless Internet, PERIOD!!! We are seeing 200, 300 and even 400+ mbps.

Unfiber Internet(a trademark of Alamo Broadband) is here. Providing fiber speeds via wireless technology. We are offering 100+mbps packages in very limited areas.

Fiber update:
Fiber is installed and hot down the full length of New Mathis Road.
Construction is in progress on Hickory Shadow and Waterwood Pass.

New Fiber Pricing in effect:



And follow us for latest fiber updates.

We have completed 8 miles of FIBER for the Sandy Oaks FTTH project. Priest Road, Mathis Road, Star Oaks areas have super fast FIBER Internet available.  Construction is underway on New Mathis Road. We are only a few days from turning up customers on New Mathis Road.

Want to see if fiber is coming to your street? 
Visit: https://alamofiber.servicezones.net/ and fill out the survey!

Sandy Oaks Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is under construction! Follow our progress on Facebook. We are only days away from turning up customers with Super Fast Fiber Internet.   Speeds ranging from 25 mbps to 1 gig and higher will soon be available. Call today to reserve your installation.

New, faster wireless  plans have been implemented as of April 6th, 2018. Using advanced bandwidth control and QOS from a new vendor, we are able to up our plan speeds without raising our prices. You may have noticed the difference! We have been working with these folks for months, planning this rollout and it has gone very smoothly.

Celebrating over 7  years in business. We are in the early stages of planning a FTTH (Fiber To The Home) deployment starting with select areas within our coverage. Stay tuned.

Expanded LTE and 5G coverage in Shadow Oaks and surrounding areas.

Click HERE to check if you are covered!!!

LTE IS HERE! We have begun initial rollout and testing of our FIXED LTE service in the Waterwood Subdivision. Speeds are phenomenal and we will keep you posted.

Silver Mountain tower is online! As of 3/28/2015 our latest expansion is online. And what an expansion it is. Covering a huge area South of San Antonio. Check out the new map!

More coverage inside Waterwood Subdivision. Tower WW5 now in operation.

Even more coverage at the Elmendorf/Floresville border! See the new map here.

Expanded coverage inside Waterwood subdivision. See new map here.

Even more coverage of the Southside area. New tower at 1604 and Spanish Grant. See the new map here.

New faster business plans are now available. Check it out!

Southton location (I37 at Southton Road) is on line! (Dec 1, 2013).

Southton Expansion Coming Online! Our latest expansion will be online shortly. We are taking preorders for our fastest plans yet! See the new map here.

New Office Hours: Alamo Broadband Office will be open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  Monday through Friday. Office will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

Adkins expansion is  online!  See coverage.

The Thelma tower is in full operation. Located near Duke road. See coverage map for more information.

We are turning up customers in Hilltop Ranch Estates!

Expanded coverage centered on HWY 181 and Foster Road!

NOW SERVING Waterwood! See our new Waterwood coverage map!

Welcome to Alamo Broadband Inc. Dedicated to bringing you the fastest wireless  ‘Net money can buy.

We give you more:

  • More Speed. Our basic package rocks. You can stream video, do extreme gaming and other things that require a lightning fast connection. Most other providers make you upgrade to get these benefits. We don’t.
  • More Download. We don’t have limits. We don’t slow you down when you hit some artificial wall designed to extract money from your usage.
  • More service. We have 24 x 7 MANNED tech support. We have constant monitoring of our systems to ensure availability and quality. We’re always ready to drop everything and work with you to alleviate any service problem.
  • More control. Our customer portal lets you control your account. You can check your invoices, payments, services and change passwords, all from the comfort of your own computer.
  • More Money In Your Pocket. We keep our installation cost as low as possible. Our competition may charge up to three times as much as we do for basic installation and equipment.
  • More credit for referrals. Refer someone to our service and receive a nice fat credit on your account. No limit on number of referrals. See our FAQ page(s) for details.

Wherever you live, if we can reach you, we’re dedicated to giving you the fastest, most reliable ‘Net at prices that anyone can afford. Check our coverage page for details.

* With 2 year contract.