The Wireless Process

The process is simple and relatively painless:

  1. Call our main number and talk to a customer service specialist.
  2. The specialist will take your information and determine (using our proprietary system) which of our coverage areas you are in and what level of service we can offer you. If we cannot offer you wireless internet, we may be able to help with other types of service, such as DSL or even (shudder) dialup!
  3. If you are within our coverage area, you tell us what level of service you desire and we will create a work order and schedule an installer visit. The installer will verify coverage on site (sometimes there are obstacles) and will show you the estimate for the installation and hardware. If there are significant obstructions (tall trees, walls, buildings, etc) the installer may recommend a higher installation (which may cost more).
  4. If you agree, the installer will install, configure and test the radio. The installer will hand you the ethernet connection and you will plug it into your computer. This is for legal reasons, dont’ take it personally. The installer will then show you how to access your personal “control panel” for your account with Alamo Broadband and will answer any questions you have about the service.
  5. If the service is installed and you are satisfied with the installation, the installer will ask you to sign the installation completed documents and will depart.
  6. You get to enjoy high speed, reliable affordable internet access.