Commercial/MDU accounts are typically managers of large properties such as apartment complexes, office buildings, condominium associations, etc. We welcome the opportunity to help you bring high-speed, low-cost Internet to your property.

Alamo Broadband will partner with you to allow you to resell our services to your customers. You share in the revenue and we do the work! We handle the billing, provisioning and support for the customers.

We are very flexible, we can even re-brand our service for you to customize it to your users needs. You set your profit level. We sell you the access at a wholesale price per user and you can pocket the difference! If that is not your cup of tea, we’ll be happy to provide the service under our brand and pay a generous commission for the life of the accounts.

Why keep letting the cable companies and phone companies take revenue out of your properties. With Alamo Broadband, you can recapture a big part of that revenue and distinguish your organization from the rest of the pack by offering the fastest Internet service available.

It’s simple. Just a few steps and your organization could be raking in that extra cash flow.

  1. Contact us and speak with Joe Portman about your service area.
  2. Sign a simple NDA (it protects us both).
  3. We come out, survey the property, make the bid on the equipment needed to light up your property.
  4. Sign our plain language reseller agreement.
  5. We set you up as a reseller in our software system.
  6. We light it up! Customers can begin signing up immediately.

How do you get customers you ask? Well, it’s easy. Post some flyers, send a few circulars, etc. Sign up and activation is automatic for any customer in range with a wireless card in their computer. They sign on, get redirected to the sign up page (if they are not already a customer), choose their package from your menu, put in payment info and it’s done. Once your customers see how fast our network is, how easy to use, they will start telling all their friends. It’s not unusual to get 99% penetration in a building.

It’s almost too easy! Once the system in installed, the property owner does not have to lift a finger, we handle it all!

Why wait. Call us today at (210) 587-7201 and ask for Joe Portman.