VOIP Feature Codes

All feature codes start with star (*).

*69 — Call trace (plays last caller id number).

*70 — Call Waiting activate.

*71 — Call Waiting deactivate

*72 — Call Forward activate. Use this to forward your phone to another number. Dial *72, wait for the dial tone, then dial the number to call. After the number answers your calls will be forwarded.

*73 — Call Forward deactivate. Cancels call forwarding.

*78 — Do Not Disturb activate. Calls will bypass your extension. If you only have one extension, calls will go directly to voicemail.

*79 — Do Not Disturb deactivate.

*90 — Call Forward on Busy activate. Forward the call if your line is busy.

*91 — Call Forward on Busy deactivate.

*97 — Check voicemail  (from your phone). To check your voicemail from another phone, call your line and wait for voicemail to answer, then press star (*).