Referral Credits

As a way to reward our loyal customers (and to help grow our business) we offer a referral program. Refer enough customers to us and you may never have to pay for your internet service!

Here’s how it works.

  1. You refer a new customer to us. They must mention you by name or account number when they schedule installation (BTW we always ask if they were referred to us by a customer).
  2. After a successful installation, we wait 1 month to make sure the customer is satisfied and will be staying on with us.
  3. Each month, we process all the referrals for the previous month. Referrals are processed all on the same day, usually on the 20th of the month.
  4. Each valid referral results in a credit equal to the first month of the new customers service.
  5. There is no limit to referral credits.
  6. Referral credits have NO CASH VALUE. They are credits for service only.