Now Serving Waterwood Area

Our new Waterwood tower is complete (actually finished a few days ago, be we were waiting on CPS for power) and we are serving customers in the Waterwood and surrounding areas. There is a waiting list, so please call to reserve your installation time.

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Waterwood at last

We have fielded literally hundreds of calls from people needing service in Waterwood and we have heard your call! We have procured a tower site and will begin construction of a local access tower for Waterwood starting this week. Estimated completion is two weeks. Check the new coverage map and see if we’ve got you covered.

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More Progress!!!

As part of our ongoing plan for growth and customer service, we have completed the build of our downtown San Antonio POP and have tripled our upstream bandwidth! We are now beaming our internet signal to the tallest building in San Antonio where we are connected directly to the internet. We will continue to build and grow the network to keep our service as fast and as trouble free as possible. Stay tuned!

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Mini Outage

Just a few minutes ago we lost most of our connection to the internet for a few minutes. It has recovered. We are investigating the cause. Our equipment was completely functional during the episode, so we are certain it happend “upstream” of us.  The duration of the interruption was approximately three minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Expanded Coverage

We have just brought another repeater online to the West of  I37 just North of Loop 1604. This has expanded our coverage to the West by about 7 miles. Check out the new coverage map to see if you are now covered by Alamo Broadband!

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Fiber Cut

A construction crew damaged the fiber connecting our main tower to the Internet at about 1:44  AM early this morning. A repair crew was dispatched and service was restored at 1:59. We apologize for the inconvenience! As part of our ongoing program of continuous service improvement, we are adding a second Internet gateway to allow us to continue to operate in the face of such events. The new gateway is scheduled to come online as of October 17th, 2011.

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Fat fingers at our upstream provider were to blame. The network is back to normal.

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Ouch, we have experienced our first outage. Our upstream provider is working on it as we speak.  We have been down about 40 minutes.

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New Email Service Provisioned

We have provisioned our new email service for our customers. Each residential account includes one free email address of the form ‘’.

  • It is a very full featured system, with email, calendaring and much more.
  • Each mailbox has 5 gigabytes of storage!
  • You can control spam, change your email aliases, setup email forwarding, etc.
  • In short, it’s a very, very cool email offering.
  • You can use the full featured web mail interface, or you can setup your local email client to connect to our servers. See the FAQ pages for details on setting up local email programs.

If you need an email address from us, please send email to ‘’ with your account number and we will provision it for you and send you the details to your email address on file with us.

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Tower Two Upgraded Today

As part of our commitment to excellent service, we monitor our network continuously, looking for ways to improve it. Today, at approximately 9:25 Tower Two was taken offline while an improved antenna was installed. Total time out of service was 4 (four) minutes due to the excellence of our tower climber(s). This antenna will improve reliability and speed for our south Elmendorf/I37 customers. – JP

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